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John Humphrys presents another episode of the classic quiz. Tonight’s specialist subjects are the city of Bath, The Faces, Sophie Scholl and the White Rose and Ayrton Senna.

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Rob Brydon hosts the award-winning comedy panel show with David Mitchell and Lee Mack as the lightning-quick team captains. Over the course of the show, celebrity guests reveal amazing stories about themselves, some of which are true and some of which are not. The aim of the game is to fool the opposition into mistaking fact for fiction and fiction for fact.This episode’s guests are Kevin Bishop, Brian Blessed, Josh Widdicombe and Professor Kate Williams.

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It is week six in the Great British Bake Off tent and just seven bakers remain to tackle a Bake Off first – botanical week.Joining host Jo Brand in the An Extra Slice studio are three celebrity fans including Danny Baker, all eager to chew over the latest goings on in the tent. There is unseen footage from the BBC One show, chat about the latest baking shenanigans and an interview with the latest baker to leave.Jo and her guests celebrate bakes inspired by nature in the An Extra Slice studio, taste the studio audience bakes and look at viewer photos of their creations from home. They also put the citrus signature, Paul’s technical and the three-tiered showstopper under the microscope.

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Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis mock the events of the last seven days with guests Ed Byrne, Milton Jones, Nish Kumar and Josh Widdicombe.

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Season 8, Episode 9 - “Timbaland; Jay Leno; Lfye Jennings; Kehlani; Les Twins”
Record producer Timbaland; comic Jay Leno; singer Kehlani performs; “Eat Dat A… Up”; “The Hating Game”; “R & Beef.’


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Season 02, Episode 06 – “Luke Out Below”
Luke returns to camp and decides to take Griff and Zuri on an adventure to prove that he can be just as responsible as the other CITs.

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