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Australia’s premier bodybuilding and fitness magazine now delivers the best training, nutrition and industry news and advice direct to your gym bag. Delivered every month, Australian Ironman Magazine is the best training partner you’ve ever had. Australian Iron Man is dedicated to giving you, the reader, the best workout plans, training programs, nutrition strategies, motivational tips and tricks and much, much more. PLUS, each issue provides relevant and up-to-date news, profiles, interviews and competition reports from the growing Australian bodybuilding scene.

Iron Man – March 2015
English | 164 pages | True PDF | 40.50 Mb

Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly magazine for photography enthusiasts. With its unique weekly format, it is the first for news and digital and film equipment tests. Regular features on reader portfolios, darkroom, digital, black & white and photographer profiles ensure all areas of photography are covered.

Amateur Photographer – 7 March 2015
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 26 MB

From the team behind Linux User & Developer magazine, RasPi is the essential guide to getting the most out of the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer. Packed with expert tutorials on how to design, build and code with the Raspberry Pi, this digital magazine will educate and inspire a new generation of coders and makers. A new issue is released every month, so download the app and subscribe to one of our amazing offers today.

RasPi Magazine – Issue 08 2015
English | 62 Pages | PDF | 10.8 MB

Photography Week Magazine now known as Popular Photography and Imaging, also called Popular Photography or Pop Photo, is a monthly American consumer magazine founded in 1937 and the world’s largest imaging magazine, with an editorial staff twice the size of its nearest competitor profiles ensure all areas of photography are covered. Popular Photography brings you step-by-step secrets of the pros for taking their most amazing shots. You’ll discover the best equipment at the best prices, get comprehensive comparative reports on cameras, lenses, film, digital equipment, printers, scanners, software, accessories and so much more.

#Photography – Issue 12, 2015
English | 114 pages | PDF | 19.00 Mb

Home Cinema Choice is the UK’s best-selling home cinema enthusiasts magazine. Every issue features news and reviews of the latest home cinema equipment, from amplifiers, receivers, processors and power amps, to DVD recorders, speakers, projectors and flat panel TVs.

Home Cinema Choice – April 2015
English | 124 pages | True PDF | 18 MB

The Guy Life. A Men’s Lifestyle Magazine Where It’s Not Just About The Articles! With Cover Girl Shani Hollywood, featuring Robynne Eaton, Isabella Leigh, Meghan Leopard and much more for a total of 11 Featured Models, 12 New Hot Girls and 15 photographers! With articles from Luke Krom.

For Guys Mag – February 2015
English | 94 pages | True PDF | 26.00 Mb

ZOO Weekly Australia contains 110% of your recommended weekly dose of amazing photos, great jokes, hot women and incredible facts, so it’s little wonder we reach almost 500,000 Aussie men every issue. They turn to us to see the hottest Australian women, have a laugh and stay ahead of the pack when it comes to what’s hot in the worlds of sport, gaming, entertainment and gadgets. We reach readers from their teens all the way to their 40s, because we know them better than anyone else.

Zoo Weekly Australia – 9 March 2015
English | 74 pages | True PDF | 32.00 Mb