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Category: Ebooks & Magazines

People magazine is the hottest weekly fix around. With breaking news to enthralling real-life stories. Our pages are also brimming with hot fashion and beauty trends, health, fitness, décor and travel – and weekly tv schedules, lots of puzzles and more!

People South Africa – 30 September 2016
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 35 MB
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Welcome, reader, to The 100 Best Games To Play Right Now, our huge celebration of gaming’s boldest and brightest.

The 100 Best Games to Play Right Now 2016
English | 146 pages | True PDF | 39,34 MB
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Smithsonian Magazine takes you on a journey through history, science, world culture and technology with breathtaking images from around the world.

Smithsonian Magazine – October 2016
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 18,26 MB
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Music Tech is the world’s most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walk throughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very latest product and software news and reviews.

Music Tech Magazine – October 2016
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 22,82 MB
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Horrorville is a brand new quarterly magazine focussing on modern horror films, books and TV shows. In this first issue we have features on the new Blair Witch, The Girl With All The Gifts, writer Susan Hill and The Exorcist TV show.

Horrorville – Issue 1, August – November 2016
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 27,27 MB
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Britain’s best car buying guide now has a brand new look with an extra 40-pages in every issue, giving you more of What Car?’s famous comparison tests than ever before and more invaluable buying advice for every car on sale. Plus, What Car?’s Target Price promise could save you thousands off the price of your next car. No wonder they call us the car buyer’s bible!

What Car? UK – November 2016
English | 164 pages | True PDF | 28,95 MB
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Fine Art of Bondage is about fine art photography of Bondage, Shibari/Kinbaku (japanese Bondage) combined with additional materials like feathers, metal rings and much more. A lot of ideas with knots, beautiful models tied with ropes, creative lightning and posing of the girls. High-end retouching of the pictures should show you the world of art and bondage.

Fine Art of Bondage – Issue 1, 2016
English | PDF | 28 pages | 7 MB
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