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Category: PC

Release Description:
Welcome to the Wildcards update for Hand of Fate. This update adds different Fates that you can select in order to change the way the game plays. Each Fate provides different modifiers to play, and allows you to play any or all of the game with a new Fate and a new ruleset. Each Fate has its own custom chain of encounters, and its own potential rewards, along with new Achievements. Will you take on the challenge of the Alchemist, and be bound by Iron Hunger? Take the Fate of the Monk, and his Holy Quest? Or be struck by the Curse of the Lion Prince?

This DLC includes:

  • 9 new Fates for players : Shadow Agent, Iron Hunger, Nomad, Curse of the Lion Prince, Explorer’s Gift, Merchant’s Guard, Hoarder’s Desire, Monk, Soldier’s Training.
  • 9 new Encounter chains.
  • 9 new Items

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Publisher: None
Developer: Defiant Development

Release Name: Hand.of.Fate.Wildcards-CODEX
Size: 2.24 GB
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Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Developer: Running With Scissors

Release Name: POSTAL.2.Paradise.Lost.v4444.Update.incl.HotFix-SKIDROW
Size: 50 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE | STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Haemimont Games
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital

Release Name: Tropico.5.Inquisition.DLC-SKIDROW
Size: 29.92 MB
Links: Steam – Gamespot – NFO – Torrent Search

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Release Description:
Westerado: Double Barreled is Ostrich Banditos’ homage to Spaghetti Westerns about dirty pasts, consequences and taking a hold of your future. When your family is murdered by a mysterious desperado, you set out into the world to take revenge. Take control of your own fate and that of others, all using your trusty shooting iron. If words aren’t enough to persuade a character, draw your revolver and see what happens. You can shoot whomever, whenever you like. Be an outlaw or a saint, explore the open world, meet a varied cast of characters and decide how you want your revenge story to unfold.


  • Hunt down the desperado that killed your family and explore the stories of the world’s inhabitants. Discover all the possibilities and create a unique story each time you play.
  • Ride, shoot, and threaten your way through an expansive Wild West, expanded with all-new environments like the forest, desert and mountains.
  • Soak up the western sun in a world built out of the grittiest pixels this side of Montezuma, and an expanded western soundtrack, featuring live recorded banjos, trumpets, saloon pianos and more!
  • GUNS! Let your gun do the talking, by drawing and cocking it during any conversation. Shoot whoever you want, whenever you want, no exceptions. Pick your favorite weapon, whether it’s a revolver, shotgun or even a tomahawk.
  • Multiple save slots to keep your progress across sessions and explore the splitting narrative.
  • Technical upgrades to include full controller support and 720p/1080p display resolutions.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Developer: Ostrich Banditos

Release Name: Westerado.Double.Barreled-TiNYiSO
Size: 218.52 MB
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Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Release Description:
Pirate’s Life is a 2D strategy game / city builder with an isometric camera where you take on the role of the captain of a crew of pirates that got shipwrecked on a deserted island. You will need to take care of your crews’ individual needs (like hunger and drunkeness) in order to prevent a mutiny At first you start with a basic set of buildings but during the game you will be able to unlock higher tier buildings and new resources which you need to satisfy the needs of the experienced pirates. The better a crew member gets, the more needs he will have.


  • 3 different technology levels
  • 18 different buildings
  • 24 different resources

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Publisher: None
Developer: Team Eyepatch

Release Name: Pirates.Life-HI2U
Size: 782.22 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Release Description:
Every great RPG has its tavern: where heroes meet, rumours are told, quests are undertaken, and beer is supped by the gallon… but could you manage such a place?

Jump into the role of a fantasy-world tavern keeper: where you will need to renovate an ailing tavern, chat to hundreds of unique guests, manage a stables full of magical creatures, oversee the battle pit, hire heroes or villains to help hunt down magical tavern items like the Mythril Spork of Fortune, and try to keep the drunken guests from trashing the place.

Even at the best of times running such a tavern is not an easy task, but these are not the best of times. War is brewing! To the east the undead minions of the Lich Lord are stirring in response to the trade blockades imposed by the Northern Elves, and violence is spilling over into every part of the three kingdoms.

Take part in a story that will lead you to the palaces of the great and the powerful. Is it possible that a humble tavern keeper can save the world from itself? Perhaps even gain his tavern the royal seal of approval? More likely, like his predecessors, he will be driven into madness, poverty, or an early grave!


  • Build bedrooms, improvements, and outbuildings like…
  • An arena to increase your earnings,
  • Cottages to house a personal hero entourage,
  • Shrines and statues to the Gods,
  • A forge to create weapons for the arena,
  • And stables in which to house your pets.
  • Hire cooks, rogues, battle-pit managers, priests, blacksmiths, and heroes.
  • Create a custom menu by collecting recipes.
  • Compete with and buy out rival taverns.
  • Interact with hundreds of unique guests, each with their own backstory.

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Publisher: Michael Flynn
Developer: Michael Flynn , Elizabeth Flynn

Release Name: Fortunes.Tavern.The.Fantasy.Tavern.Simulator-ALiAS
Size: 161.30 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE | STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

Included fixes:

  • Faction War Balance
  • Team Battle Crash
  • Control Config Crash
  • 40 Player Room Crash
  • Fixed Configure Settings in Launcher Window

Genre: Fighting
Developer: NetherRealm Studios , High Voltage Software
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Release Name: Mortal.Kombat.X.Update.v20150418-RELOADED
Size: 2.01 GB
Links: STEAM | iGN | GameSpot | NFO | Torrent Search

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable