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1. Chasing the Sun [Video]

Release Name: Hilary Duff – Chasing the Sun – Music Video (2014) [iTunes Plus AAC M4V]
Size: 38 MB
Gener: Pop
Label: ℗ (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
Quality: iTunes Untouched,[iTunes Plus AAC M4V]

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Description: Lawson ‘s story continues with the repack of their debut album, Chapman Square / Chapter II. The repack has a massive 18 tracks, with 6 new songs includingBrokenhearted featuring B.o.B, and the anthemic Parachute. The Chapter II Deluxe also features a bonus disc with 7 acoustic songs, as well as the never before seen Everywhere We Go ? The Chapman Square Tour Film.

[Notes]: The iTunes deluxe version includes 7 bonus acoustic tracks, a bonus video: “Everywhere We Go (The Chapman Square Tour Film)” and a 11-page digital booklet.

Track List:

1 Standing In the Dark
2 Gone
3 Taking Over Me
4 Everywhere You Go
5 Waterfall
6 When She Was Mine
7 Make It Happen
8 Learn To Love Again (Radio Version)
9 Stolen
10 You’ll Never Know
11 You Didn’t Tell Me
12 The Girl I Knew
13 Brokenhearted (feat. B.o.B)
14 Juliet
15 Love Locked Out
16 Are You Ready?
17 Back To Life
18 Parachute
19 Standing In the Dark (Acoustic)
20 When She Was Mine (Acoustic)
21 Brokenhearted (Acoustic)
22 Taking Over Me (Acoustic)
23 Learn To Love Again (Acoustic)
24 Juliet (Acoustic)
25 Stolen (Acoustic)
26 Everywhere We Go (The Chapman Square Tour Film) [Video]

+ Digital Booklet – Chapman Square Chapter II (Deluxe Version)

Release Name: Lawson-Chapman_Square_Chapter_II_(iTunes_Deluxe_Mastered_Version)-2013
Genre: Pop, Music, Rock
Label: ℗ 2013 Global Talent Music Recordings
Store Date: 18 October 2013


Download Bonus Video: UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR

Description: To live the life of Dash Berlin is to live to the rhythm of ‘#musicislife’. The beloved artist album of the Dutch DJ, racing the beating hearts of EDM lovers since its release last year, now sees a new daylight. Fans of Dash Berlin will be pleased to discover 2 sparkling new and exclusive originals and 7 remixes, music videos, pictures and much, much more, coming together on the luxurious #musicislife (Deluxe) album. A true collector’s item for all Dash Berlin fans

Track List:

1 Steal You Away (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Radio Edit]
2 Jar of Hearts (feat. Christina Novelli) [Radio Edit]
3 Better Half of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Radio Edit]
4 Disarm Yourself (feat. Emma Hewitt) [Radio Edit]
5 Silence In Your Heart (feat. Chris Madin) [Radio Edit]
6 Apollo Road (Radio Edit)
7 Go It Alone (feat. Sarah Howells) [Radio Edit]
8 Like Spinning Plates (feat. Emma Hewitt) [Radio Edit]
9 When You Were Around (feat. Kate Walsh) [Radio Edit]
10 Fool for Life (feat. Chris Madin) [Dash Berlin 4AM Radio Edit]
11 Callisto (Radio Edit)
12 World Falls Apart (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Radio Edit]
13 Surrender (feat. Shanokee) [Radio Edit]
14 Aviation (feat. Hoyaa)
15 Man On the Skyfire (Radio Edit)
1 Steal You Away (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Michael Brun Radio Edit]
2 When You Were Around (feat. Kate Walsh) [Ferry Corsten Fix Edit]
3 Disarm Yourself (feat. Emma Hewitt) [Protoculture Radio Edit]
4 Surrender (feat. Shanokee) [Arctic Moon Radio Edit]
5 Go It Alone (feat. Sarah Howells) [Andrew Rayel Radio Edit]
6 World Falls Apart (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Jorn van Deynhoven Radio Edit]
7 Apollo Road (Toby Hedges Radio Edit)
8 Fool for Life (feat. Chris Madin) [Tomas Heredia Radio Mix]
9 Till the Sky Falls Down (Dash Berlin 4AM Radio Edit)
10 Never Rain Down Again (feat. Seri) [Myon & Shane54 Dash Up]
11 Better Half of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Shogun Radio Edit]
12 Like Spinning Plates (feat. Emma Hewitt) [Alexander Popov Remix Edit]
13 Silence In Your Heart (feat. Chris Madin) [Antillas Radio Edit]
14 The Funeral (Dash Berlin Radio Edit)
15 Waiting (feat. Emma Hewitt) [W&W Radio Edit]
1 Steal You Away (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Video]
2 Fool For Life (feat. Chris Madin) [Video]
3 When You Were Around (feat. Kate Walsh) [Video]
4 Like Spinning Plates (feat. Emma Hewitt)[Video]
5 Silence In Your Heart (feat. Chris Madin) [Video]
6 Go It Alone (feat. Sarah Howells) [Video]
7 Man On The Skyfire [Video]
8 Callisto [Video]
9 World Falls Apart (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Video]
10 Better Half of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) [Video]
11 Apollo Road [Video]
12 Disarm Yourself (feat. Emma Hewitt) [Video]

Release Name: Dash_Berlin-#Musicislife_(iTunes_Deluxe_Version)-2013
Genre: Dance
Label: ℗ 2013 AROPA Records
Store Date: Aug 23, 2013



Description: “Black Skinhead” (also stylized as “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD”) is a song by American hip hop recording artist Kanye West from his sixth studio album Yeezus (2013). The song has since peaked at number 69 on the Billboard Hot 100. The first line of the song is spoken by fellow rapper Lupe Fiasco.

Track List:


Release Name: Kanye_West-BLKKK_SKKKN_HEAD_[MViD]_(iTunes+)-2013
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Label: ℗ 2013 Def Jam Recordings
Store Date: Jul 26, 2013


Description: The Weight of Your Love, Editors’ fourth studio album and the first to feature new members Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams is, according to lead singer and songwriter Tom Smith, “a band record, a musical record, a rock record with a foot in that alt-rock / americana world”.
Inspired by Scott Litt’s work with REM amongst others and built around a live performance approach to recording, the album contains the most strident and direct Editors songs to date. With a lyrical fascination with love in all its myriad forms, “whether romantic or break-up or creepy or even stalkey love” (Tom again) and recorded in Nashville at Blackbird Studio by producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, etc), The Weight of Your Love represents a new chapter for the band in more than one way.

[Notes]: The iTunes deluxe version includes 5 bonus tracks and a bonus video: “The Weight of Your Love Documentary”. The album is also mastered for iTunes.

Track List:

1 The Weight
2 Sugar
3 A Ton of Love
4 What is This Thing Called Love
5 Honesty
6 Nothing
7 Formaldehyde
8 Hyena
9 Two Hearted Spider
10 The Phone Book
11 Bird of Prey
12 The Sting
13 Get Low
14 Comrade Spill My Blood
15 Hyena (Acoustic)
16 Nothing (Acoustic)
17 The Weight of Your Love Documentary 

Release Name: Editors-The_Weight_of_Your_Love_(iTunes_Deluxe_Mastered_Version)-2013
Genre: Rock
Label: ℗ 2013 Editors
Store Date: Jul 01, 2013



Note: Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines Too Sexy For YouTube! Music Video Gets Banned From The Site!


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Release name: Nabiha-Mind_The_Gap-720p-x264-2012-FRAY
Size: 60,76 MB
Genre : Pop
Quality: x264 | 1280×672 | 2 766 Kbps | MP3 | 253 Kbps
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