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Due to the recent termination of’s payment gateway we have to make drastic changes.
Please notice that won’t be supported by Rlsbb after Jan. 31.2016 Thus is highly recommended to use instead.

We are very thankful to those who support us, Your support will ensure the survivability of this site. Buy Account (click on fast download to REGISTER or RENEW your account)
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we had many requests about this feature and last night i was buzzed enough to do it.
right now you can find out about current day hot posts in TOP 50 Page which is located at the top Navigation bar or you can simply Click Here

remember that nothing happens unless we imagine it … !!!!

im looking forward to your feedback Via Email.

we had to change domain to for some legal reasons.
Please bookmark us with this new domain.


Well guys sorry for the late news but there was too much problem and too little time

about this new theme our old theme has some bugs and we are working on it please bear with this one for a bit .

We are working on it, please be patient…

UPDATE : Fixed.

theres been so many DDos attacks on our servers which cause this awful load time

if you bear with us for a few more days everything will be back to normal.

sorry for inconvenience

Update well its finally here i got some cisco firewalls and better server, it cost me so much but it worth it!! just a bit more and we are done! ;)

first of all sorry for these past days error pages, i had little time and there was to much work to do.

After 6 endless night i finally managed to migrate RlsBB database and configuration to the new server.

right now there should not be any problems but if you feel like you have reached a page that says error in some way, please contact us and put “Site Problem” in your email subject.