its been a while since we have started RlsBB and with our efforts and your generous clicking RlsBB found a place in top but why should we stop here? there is always time to get better actually there is always ways to get better so im asking you ! (i feel like uncel sam now :D) to tell me what you dont like about RlsBB and what you think we should do about it .

any comment other than site related ones will be deleted .

Update 1 : thank you for feedbacks ,we need some time to process all this information

update 2 : oct/12/2012

  1. AM/PM for time is duly noted i’ll try to set it up asap
  2. we are always working to ban people responsible for bad links but as you know  it dosent matter how many rat you kill they always find a going to add something so it will be easier to report these people.

update 3 : oct/20/2012

  1. we are now stammping all posts with AM/PM.
  2. server time Widget added to sidebar.
  3. TV schedule added to sidebar.
  4. you can now report comments to us via report link in every comment.