Description: Taking a scripted project from concept to creation is one of the most exciting and rewarding processes that any editor can do—from a green novice to an experienced Hollywood ace. This course guides you through the creative decisions in editing various types of narrative scenes—from classic dialogue, to rhythmic montage, to creative flashback. You’ll explore what it takes to create a great rough cut, from shot choice and composition, to performance and pacing, while editing in Avid Media Composer. Author Ashley Kennedy guides you through the scene construction process with plenty of creative and logistical lessons that are applicable to situations editors face in the real world.

Topics include:

  • Evaluating the goals of the project
  • Working with digital scripts
  • Understanding coverage, shot composition, and camera movement
  • Editing dialogue
  • Adding cutaways and reaction shots
  • Building a montage scene
  • Editing a flashback
  • Laying in off-camera audio
  • Adding effects
  • Color-grading a scene
  • Receiving feedback and refining the rough cut

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