Description: Ever miss a phone call because you couldn’t hear your phone ringing in your pocket? And what about those times when your ringtone is too loud at the wrong time? Pocket Tone is the answer! Using your device’s proximity sensor, Pocket Tone determines whether your phone is cover, for example, inside your pocket or buried inside a bag or purse, and will automatically increase your ringtone volume so you can hear it! Additionally, Pocket Tone will determine when you finally take your phone out and will automatically decrease your ringtone volume so it is not obnoxiously loud!


  • Customizable Volume Adjustment Level
  • Select from different audio sources for Pocket Tone to adjust
  • Calibration feature to calibrate your device’s In-Pocket/Out-of-Pocket detection

Release Name: Pocket Tone Pro v1.0.1 Android
Size: 5.1 MB

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