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Season 05, Episode 15 - “Welcome to Amsterdam?”
The ladies come together for Yolanda’s scavenger hunt around Beverly Hills and are forced to put aside their differences and work together as teams. Embarking on a group trip to Amsterdam, several of the ladies attend David Foster’s annual charity gala in Canada where Kim confronts Lisa Rinna over talking behind her back. When the women arrive in Amsterdam, more anger flares between the Richards sisters.


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Season 05, Episode 14 - “Surprise!”
Eileen organizes a table read for her husband’s latest Hollywood script, inviting the actresses: Kim, Kyle, and the two Lisas. Kim and Kyle act like everything is okay between them, but after the read, emotions run high, leaving everyone wondering what lies ahead for Kim. Brandi agrees to a 21 day cleanse of no alcohol, but attending Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise birthday party may have her second guessing her decision to stay sober.


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Season 05, Episode 13 - “Sister Act”
The women talk about Brandi’s influence over Kim. Lisa Vanderpump’s son gets his test results.


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Season 05, Episode 12 - “Drama Queens”
Lisa Vanderpump’s adopted son, Max, decides he wants to take a DNA test to discover his heritage; Brandi and Kyle trade accusations while visiting Kim; Brandi shows up uninvited to Kyle’s gay mixer where insults are exchanged.


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Season 05, Episode 11 - “It’s Just A Scratch”
The rumble at Eileen’s poker party continues. Lisa Vanderpump returns from vacation and her dog Rumpy returns from puppy training. Lisa Rinna hosts a jewelry party, where some call Brandi on her behavior.


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Season 05, Episode 10 - “House Of Cards”
The ladies travel up the coast to Santa Barbara to enjoy a day at the spa, the relaxing afternoon turns tense. Eileen opens her house to her new friends, inviting Kim, Kyle, Lisa Rinna and Brandi to her home.


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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills S05E09 PDTV x264-Hector

Jan 14

Posted on January 14th, 2015 at 12:50 pm in TV Shows by Robotnico

Season 05, Episode 09 - “Live And Learn”
Yolanda and Kyle are apprehensive about leaving their daughters at college.
Lisa Vanderpump learns that her son Max wants to move up in the world. Lisa Rinna films a movie with her husband Harry Hamlin.


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